Lawn Care in Danville IL

Lawn Care in Danville ILEver wondered what exceptional could mean, when it comes to lawn care, Danville IL outdoor property owners? Allow us, the dedicated team at Merrill Services, to show you. Exceptional lawn maintenance and landscape design services are focused exclusively on your satisfaction as a client. Our commitment to quality is all about that – you, our client. We will never force you into a locked down, predefined contract; when you choose to contract us for landscape installation, irrigation maintenance, flower planting, dethatching or any other similar service, you only pay for what you need. One of the basic principles on which our locally-owned business is based on is the notion of trust. We want you to trust our work and be happy with it, which is also why we offer the best guarantee in the business. Our services are either fully satisfactory for you, in terms of quality, or we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

We’ve also set up a convenient payment system, which allows you to pay via multiple options. Every single time you call us, there will be an actual person on the phone with you. You’ll never find any grass clippings on your hardscapes once we’re done mowing the lawn and we will always carefully edge around your flower beds and other obstacles in the yard. We can perform periodic core aeration services and also handle over-seeding, if you’re worried that your lawn has developed barren patches that you want to cover up.

Call us for great lawn care. Danville IL, your favorite lawn care company is here.

Merrill Services plans on staying in business for many years to come. We want our clients to keep working with us in the future, so we are dedicated to finding new ways to improve the quality of our work. We regularly train our staff and make sure that our equipment is clean and well maintained. Since we’re a local business, we also care about the community spirit a great deal, so we are always working to improve our community, one lawn at a time. Not only do we want our clients to be entirely happy with the services we provide, but we want to keep them engaged and always coming back for more. That’s because we believe quality is the best kind of advertising – the kind money cannot buy. A happy customer is the kind of customer who will recommend us to his friends, family, and neighbors, so that’s why we value nothing more than your honest opinions and satisfaction.