Established in 2001. The company has gone from one man on a mower to a well-known, continuously growing corporation. Merrill Landscape Services began primarily in the Champaign/Savoy area. Now we have expanded to Fisher, Mahomet, Monticello, Rantoul, Tolono, as well. Along with this expansion, we have included an expanded list of services.

If you’re looking for the cheapest price and low-quality work, we are not the company for you. Our goal is to make every project worthy of the front page of our website. We are proud of our work, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee – if our service is not up to snuff we will fix it, if we can’t you don’t pay for it!

Whether it’s standard lawn and landscape care or a whole landscape makeover design, your satisfaction is our priority. Each client has a unique profile, and we use this to keep track of notes and special circumstances for your property. Every time our crew visits your property, they go through each individual note before and after to accommodate the individual conditions of your site. This means that we don’t forget to close your gate, we don’t run over your sprinklers, and we don’t slip on that steep sloped corner of your yard – our crew is reminded of these things every visit.

We train our employees thoroughly in the safe and effective use of all our equipment. In the event that there is a problem, we carry maximum insurance policies because we believe in protecting our clients and our employees.

Merrill Services is serious about landscape. With a well-trained crew and careful work, Merrill Services does not cut corners. We make your life easier by offering the highest quality of landscape maintenance and design. We guarantee that you will be delighted by our work.

Whether it’s lawn care or a total landscape makeover, Merrill Services can help.

Mission Statement

Merrill Services, Inc. is in the business to design and maintain beautiful landscapes that provide a serene atmosphere, increase the value of the property and protect the surrounding environment. We offer our clients more than just lawn care, and strive to work with you to make our little corner of the world that much more beautiful while reducing our carbon footprint. Merrill Services encourages our employees to be as creative as they want to be and just like our clients and their landscapes, we love watching our employees grow! Not just concerned with making a profit, we want to help make our community a better place to raise your family, one landscape at a time.

Clean Advantage Program

As a local landscaping company, we feel the need to not only protect the community we work within, but also the world in which we live. While there are many claims that large vehicles create unnecessary amounts of CO2 emissions, they are needed for the landscape services we provide. We at Merrill Landscape Services are proud to announce our participation in the Clean Advantage program. By participating in this program, we are doing our part to make the environment healthy for our future generations by making our footprint 100% Carbon Neutral.

Clean Advantage helps us to help the environment by planting trees, cleaning landfills, and developing parks for our community while also making our customers feel good about getting their landscaping done by a company that specializes in beautiful landscapes, all while helping the environment.

By supporting and investing in projects that sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, Merrill Landscape Services is making its fleet the cleanest on the road – even cleaner than the average electric or CNG vehicles.  We are proud to provide habitats for wildlife, clean landfills, and develop local parks and recreational space for people to enjoy. Building a better future one breathe at a time – Merrill Landscape Services. If you would like to know more about the Clean Advantage program that Merrill Landscape Services is participating in, please contact us or head to https://www.cleanadvantageprogram.com/ to learn more.