Lawn Treatments in Bloomington, IL

Lawn Treatments in Bloomington ILLawn fertilization, weed control, and pest control are some of the most important ongoing lawn care activities and proper yearlong yard maintenance tasks. Whether you need pre-emergent crabgrass control or post-emergence weed treatments, it seems you have your hands full from early spring to late fall. DIY lawn treatments come with their fair share of dangers too. Using store-bought chemicals to feed the soil or kill weeds can be very taxing. The improper use of chemicals on your property can harm your family, pets, and the environment. So why don’t you take a different approach and hire a professional lawn treatments company in Bloomington, IL, instead?

Lawn Fertilizer Service in Bloomington, IL

At Merrill Services, our certified technicians use only custom-blended fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. We design custom lawn treatments in Bloomington, IL, to provide your landscape with all the necessary treatments against weeds or pests without harming your vegetation. We guarantee fast and reliable results at affordable prices and no risks. But let’s learn more about what our lawn fertilizer service in Bloomington, IL, can do for you:

  • Regular soil and vegetation valuations to understand their vulnerabilities, strong points, and needs;
  • Commercial-grade lawn fertilizers to strengthen your lawn and plants against weed and pest attacks;
  • Follow-up sessions after each application to make all the necessary adjustments depending on your lawn’s requirements;
  • Mulch applications for safer, more organic lawn treatments in Bloomington, IL;
  • A safe, eco-friendly program with substances and tailored treatments, so your children and pets are out of harm’s way.

Why Should You Choose Our Lawn Treatments in Bloomington, IL?

Our weed removal business provides all its customers with a complex, cohesive variety of lawn fertilization solutions tailored to safe weed management, efficient soil amendments, and sustainable landscape interventions throughout the year. It doesn’t mean that you cannot contact us for a one-time crabgrass control session, however! But, if you want long-term lawn treatments in Bloomington, IL, this is what you need to know:

  • We run a 100% satisfaction warranty that you can enjoy for any service we provide. If you are not exultant with the results, we will redo the treatments for free!
  • Our technicians are licensed in pesticide and chemical applications;
  • We have proven expertise, technical skills, education, and training to deliver everything you need in landscape design, lawn care, property maintenance, and more!

Do you want fast, dependable, and consistent lawn treatments in Bloomington, IL, at competitive prices? We are the ones to contact! Don’t forget about free estimates either!