Lawn Treatments in Tolono, IL

Lawn Treatments in Tolono ILMerrill Landscape Services wants to contribute the best it can to the development of Tolono, IL, and for many years now, we believe we have been doing a great job by providing lawn treatments and fertilization & weed control services. We understand that lawn treatments in Tolono, IL, can be a difficult task for most lawn owners, and we want to help you have the landscape you wish for and most deserve.

We work only with trained professionals, and our weed control diagnosis and intervention treatment plans are supervised and ever-improved by agronomists and horticulture experts of Illinois. Our technicians participate in ongoing training programs that teach them everything about weed diagnosis, prevention techniques, and control, and because we use the latest technologies, you can rest assured the problems will go away in no time. Tolono, IL, fertilization & weed control, just as the other services we provide in many areas in the state, all follow some fundamental rules and steps: we come and assess the situation, make a quick and thorough diagnosis, and custom design a personalized fertilization & weed control plan for your lawn and landscape that is fast and cost-efficient. Depending on your turf, grass, and type of soil, and the weeds that seem to invade your property, we also custom produce substance blends that we apply in a pre-programmed manner. Our experts will also provide you with a scheduled monitoring plan, including periodic visits and assessments, and if you don’t get the expected results, based on our guarantee policy, they will repeat treatment without any costs on your part.

We Offer a Full Line of Lawn Fertilizer Service in Tolono, IL

If you are looking for a lawn care & landscaping company that covers all of your lawn needs, then look no further. We offer all of the services you need to maintain a healthy, green, and lush landscape with excellent curb appeal.

Our services include the following:

  • Lawn Care
  • Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Hardscapes
  • Retaining Walls
  • Patios
  • Privacy Screens (Natural Fences)
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup
  • Erosion Control
  • Core Aeration & Overseeding
  • Seasonal Landscaping
  • And More!

If you do not see a service you are looking for, please contact us and let us know. We are always happy to discuss your needs and help you create the lawn or landscape you desire.

Our strong suit is lawn treatments. Tolono, IL, need our know-how?

Based on what we see on the spot, we diagnose lawn disease, pest activity, and weed growth, and we take the proper measures having in mind the soil, the watering, the flower bed, and all the particular features your lawn presents. Any plan that we come up with is supervised by experts in horticulture, and we will make sure the follow-up and scheduled prevention and intervention program is implemented according to high standards. With us, all you will lose are those nasty weeds threatening the health of your lawn and landscape. You can sit back and relax and let our expert lawn treatments company in Tolono, IL, team evaluate, treat, and monitor your lawn, just as real doctors would do. If your lawn needs lawn treatments, fertilization & weed control, pest control, aeration & overseeding, or any other service, give our weed removal business a call and watch us bring health and beauty to your property.