Lawn Treatments Savoy, IL Experts Discuss Soil Types and Their Health

When it comes to lawn care, landscaping, and lawn treatments, everything begins with the soil. The foundation of any healthy and good-looking yard and garden, the land needs your undivided attention all year long. What should you know about the ground you trust so much to sustain not only your lawn, flowers, and other landscape elements, but also the environment itself? Our experts in lawn treatments in Savoy, IL, are here to discuss a few things you need to know about soil types and soil health preservation!

Do You Need a Soil Test?

Lawn care and lawn treatments specialists in Savoy, IL, recommend all homeowners to perform a soil test at least once a year. It is the surefire way to learn about nutrient deficiencies, pH, soil type (for those who are beginners, and do not know yet), strengths, and vulnerabilities. Just like you build a house with a strong foundation, you cannot create a lush lawn/landscape without healthy soil. Our lawn treatments pros in Savoy, IL, can help you make the best choices when it comes to performing a soil test with a DIY kit or with the help of a pro laboratory.

Soil Types to Consider Before Fertilization and Amendments

Many homeowners passionate about gardening and lawn care consider applying fertilizers and soil amendments to boost the growth of their lawns, flowers, and ornamentals. However, the success of lawn fertilization plans depends on the soil’s texture, nutrient levels, and pH. So here is what you need to know:

  • Silt soil is prevalent across lawns, rich in nutrients, and fertile. However, it does not drain well, so our lawn care service providers recommend soil core aeration and drainage procedures;
  • Sandy soil allows water and nutrients to drain very fast, so it needs more intensive fertilization programs;
  • Clay soil is deficient in nutrients and does not drain well. It requires extra maintenance, as it does not provide grasses and plants an adequate foundation to thrive.

What Does Your Soil Need?

You probably know that the best lawn fertilization starts with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. However, our lawn fertilization experts in Savoy, IL, warn that your soil might also need micronutrients like copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, or cobalt (to absorb oxygen better). When they design a lawn fertilization program, our lawn treatment experts in Savoy, IL, also factor in these micronutrients.

In case you want to learn more about enhancing your soil’s pH to grow specific types of plants or boost the health of your lawn, our lawn treatments specialists in Savoy, IL are here to help!