Benefits of Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Philo, IL

Pre-emergent weed control in Philo, IL and lawn fertilization are essential elements of turf care. Investing in these solutions allows lawn owners to enjoy appealing, healthy, green lawns free of weeds and other unwanted growths.

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the different lawn weed control and fertilizer services we offer while exploring the benefits of Pre-emergent weed control in Philo, IL!

Affordable Lawn Fertilizer Services in Philo, IL

We offer various lawn fertilizer and weed control services to help you achieve an all-around appealing lawn. They include:

Lawn treatments

Our lawn treatments perfectly blend pre-emergent weed control products and lawn fertilizer services. They’re designed to promote stronger and healthier lawn growth while keeping off weed infestation. The lawn fertilizer service ensures a constant and balanced supply of essential nutrients to help your lawn thrive. These nutrients include potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Our lawn treatment services, including availability and budget, can be customized to match your needs.

Lawn fertilizer and weed control program services

These solutions provide comprehensive lawn care where weed control, fertilization and other vital maintenance tasks are carried out responsibly. We ensure your lawn gets the perfect balance of all these – not too much or too little.

Pre-emergent weed control

This is an effective and economical way to control weed development in your lawn. We apply unique treatments on your lawn that curb weeds before they sprout. Pre-emergent weed control is especially important in Philo, IL, where the growing conditions for weed can be quite favorable. Our services include crabgrass pre-emergent control and other types of weed.

Core aeration

The list of essential lawn care practices in Philo, IL, can’t be complete without core aeration. This service entails extracting small soil cores from your turf, allowing air, water and fertilizer to penetrate and reach your plant roots. This encourages healthy and more robust root growth contributing to the overall welfare of your lawn. Core aeration is also known for making your plant resilient to illnesses like root rot.

Advantages of Choosing our Pre-emergent Weed Control in Philo, IL

Pre-emergent weed control in Philo, IL, and lawn treatments are vital for healthy, weed-free lawn growth. Whether you want to crabgrass control or help your plants grow better roots, our professionals can help. More benefits of our pre-emergent weed control services include:

  • Enhanced lawn health
  • Reduced weeds – saving you time and money
  • Improved root growth
  • A beautiful, lush and green lawn

Don’t wait too long to get your lawn the care it deserves. Book your lawn treatment and weed-control appointment with the best company in Philo, IL. Request a Free Estimate now!