Lawn Mowing in Champaign, IL Patterns: Jaw-dropping Designs to Try

Aren’t you tired of the same look on your lawn all these years? When was the last time you changed your mowing pattern? You’ve probably dismissed this idea for so long, deeming it only for the flashy or those with a big budget to flex. But you’re mistaken. Switching your lawn mowing patterns can go a long way into sprucing it up and helping your grass grow healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your basic lawn mowing in Champaign, IL routine with these four creative ideas!

Top 3 Most Creative Lawn Mowing Patterns You Should Try

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Soft Waves

Bring the charm of the ocean to your lawn with some soft wave patterns. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Start your mower and place it at either ends or the center of your lawn (You can start where you want).

Step 2: Start mowing forward from the right edge of the centerline on the left side of the mower.

Step 3: Make your wave to the left, cutting the centerline across.

Step 4: Retreat when the right part of your mower hits the left edge of the centerline.

Step 5: Repeat this until the end and turn back with a new wave until you cover your lawn.


You’ve probably seen these on a soccer pitch. Would you like to upgrade your lawn to resemble the big leagues?   Our lawn mowing in Champaign, IL, experts explain how to do it:

Step 1: Mow the borders of your lawn neatly.

Step 2: Choose a direction to make your stripes. It doesn’t have to be perpendicular. You can make diagonal lines or choose a focal point from which to direct or source your stripes.

Step 3: Make straight rows while avoiding sharp turns.

Step 4: Mow stripes in alternate directions. This bends the grass to reflect light in opposite ways.

Step 5: Mow the perimeter once more to clean the edges of your lawn.

Checkerboard or Criss-cross

This is one of the most classic mainstream patterns you could use to manicure your lawn. If you’re also looking to spell duality and balance out loud, this is the lawn-mowing design to go for! So, let’s do it.

Step 1: Adjust your lawn blades to the right size (At least 3 inches high)

Step 2: Mow the perimeter around your lawn

Step 3: Choose a lawn edge to start with and then select a direction (N to S or W to E)

Step 4: Mow straight parallel lines/stripes until you cover the lawn.

Step 5: Make new perpendicular stripes to the first mowing

Step 6: Wide up with a clean perimeter mow to remove any irregularities.

Professional Lawn Mowing in Champaign, IL

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