Simply the Best Lawn Maintenance in Bement, IL, for A Healthy Lawn All Year Round

Achieving a healthy lawn all year long demands the best lawn maintenance in Bement, IL, practices during growing seasons. While most lawn owners get confused about what to do to maintain a thriving turf, our professionals get better and better at offering specialized lawn maintenance solutions in Illinois.

If you have the suitable soil, grass, and zeal for a flourishing lawn, you just need to know these three best lawn maintenance practices to make your wish come true!

Top 3 Lawn Maintenance in Bement, IL Practices To Keep Your Lawn Blooming

Here are three ways to achieve a blooming lawn in Bement, IL.

Water Your Lawn

Watering your turf isn’t as straightforward as you may presume. You may have been doing it all wrong! Too much water causes thatch build-up, drowns your grass, leaches fertilizers, stunts root growth, encourages weed development, and promotes diseases. On the other hand, too little water will cause the grass to wither out, dry, and die. In addition, inadequate watering makes it hard for your grass roots to penetrate the ground, making them weak and susceptible to weed & disease infestation, among other challenges. In conclusion, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule for how much water your lawn needs. Each turf is unique, and you need professionals to examine your lawn to determine how much watering you need.

Apply Fertilizers

Your lawn, grass, and plants need food to survive and thrive. Adding fertilizers to your lawn makes it fertile, enabling it to provide that food. Fertilizers offer 14 different nutrients & minerals to plants which, when combined with water, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, promote healthy grass growth. Our professional lawn treatment experts in Bement, IL, offer personalized fertilization solutions when your lawn needs them. We match our fertilizers to your lawn soil’s humidity and fertility needs. Proper lawn fertilizing makes your plants strong & dominant, equipping them with drought and weed resilience.

Weed, Pest and Insect Management

A thick, healthy, well-maintained lawn is the best deterrent to weed, pest, and insect infestation. A profuse turf densely populated with grass gives weed seedlings no fighting chance for light, food, or air. Without nutrients, air and light, weed becomes stunted and eventually dies. Ensure you mow your grass at the right height & frequency and fertilize it properly to achieve a dense lawn.

A healthy and adequately watered lawn discourages pests or insects. If you notice a pest or insect attack, consider consulting our pest control experts to recommend the right insecticide/pesticide to spray on your lawn.

Final Word!

Every lawn owner desires a beautiful and ever-flourishing turf, but there’s a price to pay. You need to practice proper and consistent lawn maintenance. While most lawn owners love to do that, their busy schedules may not allow it. This is where we come in!

We offer affordable lawn maintenance in Bement, IL, and the surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to call us at 217-298-2255 or request a free quote today!