Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Lawn Mowing in Bement, IL

Lawn mowing in Bement, IL, is more than a chore. It’s a big deal for your lawn; the sooner you learn to do it properly, the healthier your lush will start to grow. From keeping off weeds, pests, and insects, to facilitating a fair exposure to fertilizers, light, water, and air, the benefits of cutting your grass go a long way. We’ve compiled several tips and tricks below to help you observe this fundamental cultural practice on your lawn.

But first, let’s learn a few safety tips to observe while mowing our lawns.

Safety Tips To Observe While Lawn Mowing in Bement, IL

  1. Always wear protective gear while cutting your grass. They include sturdy shoes, gloves, goggles, earbuds, and long pants.
  2. Scan for debris, stones, or metal items that might damage your mower or injure you.
  3. Always keep a safe distance from the mower even when the motor is turned off (the blades can still be spinning).
  4. Don’t mow backward unless mandatory (you may injure yourself or others).
  5. Avoid strong drinks like alcohol or caffeine (these might alter your clear thinking or vision).
  6. Avoid getting distracted (by your phone or other people), or you may leave a running mower rogue.
  7. Keep kids away from mowers, whether off or in use.
  8. Never use your hands to remove grass, debris, or objects stuck in your mower, even when turned off. Use a stick or a piece of metal.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Lawn Mowing Practices

Love Your Mower

Without it, your lawn would go wild. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain, use and store your mower properly. Always keep your mowing machine in tip-top working condition, and once in a while, get it serviced. Observe the instructions provided in the manual while operating the lawn mower, and do not remove safety add-ons like the shields or kill switch. Fuel your machine when cold and turned off. Finally, only mow the recommended vegetation and never try to overwork your mower.

Mow At the Right Height

Cutting your grass too short limits the light it consumes, slowing growth and strong root development. Our experts recommend adjusting your mower to a minimum of 3 inches and cutting your grass not more than once every week. Mowing at the right height benefits your turf in many ways. You’ll get a thick lawn with a highlighted green color, and it’ll conserve water for long.

Mow The Lawn When Dry

A dry lawn is easy to mow, produces better instant results, and is safer for you. Also, lawn diseases spread easily on the wet mown grass, degrading your turf’s overall well-being. Furthermore, wet grass bends easily, making it hard to make a clean cut hence injures your vegetation.

Switch Mowing Patterns

Lawn care specialists recommend changing your mowing pattern to encourage proper aeration and upright growth. It also reduces repeated damage to your grass and covers up imperfections. Switching your mowing patterns also gives your turf a brand new makeover every time, making it look ever beautiful.

Final Word!

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